Sea weed

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Zanzibar is Africa’s biggest exporter of sea weed.
The raw material is used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries. In some parts of the world, it is also used as food.


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Fisheries and aquaculture, mainly seaweed plays a huge role in livelihood and food security in the United Republic of Tanzania and in particular in Zanzibar. Zanzibar is Africa’s biggest exporter of seaweed, exporting it to China, Korea, Denmark, Vietnam, Spain, France, and the US.

Seaweed is the common name for various species of marine plants and algae that grow in the ocean as well as in rivers, lakes, and other water bodies. Some seaweed is microscopic like the phytoplankton while others are enormous like the giant kelps. Most seaweed is medium-sized, come in colors of red, green, brown, and black.

Not only seaweeds are essential to innumerable marine creatures, both as food and as habitat, they also provide many benefits to land dwellers. Seaweed is used as a base for cosmetics, lotions, toothpaste, medicines, and food. It is also used as a fuel, fertilizer, and for extraction of industrial gums and chemicals as well as combat climate change.

The food industry uses the gelatinous substance in algae as thickeners and gelling agents as well as soups and puddings. In addition to its gelling properties, seaweed is known for its moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Seaweed can be found in facial masks, lotions, anti-aging serum, shampoos, and even toothpaste.

Seaweed contains an abundant amount of Iodine which is necessary for proper thyroid functioning, it also improves the immune system, treats respiratory ailments and skin problems.

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