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Africa has one of the best quality woods in the world.
Cameroon, Ghana hit the leading exporters pack. Most of the rest of Africa also export timber in smaller quantities.

Timber is quite bulky to transport, needs treatment, and packing which is all taken care by us.


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African Timber Suppliers and Manufacturers

Africa is famous for its culture, wildlife, forests, among others. One of the most prominent things that differentiate Africa from the rest of the world is its jungles. The region has one of the densest forests in the world; this makes it rich in the best quality and numerous varieties of wood species. African timber is known for its quality, strength, color, and robustness.

Cameroon, Ghana is the leading exporters of timber in Africa, while Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Sudan come next. African wood species include African Blackwood, Afzelia, Burkea, Chacate, Copalwood, African Mahogany, Missanda, Mecrusse, Pau Ferro, Pink Ivory, Umbila, and Sandalo. They are known for their strength, uses, and diversity in figure and color.

One of the best benefits to choose African wood for your construction or other furniture work is that you can choose from a wide variety of wood and select the wood type based on the exact features like strength, robustness, grain density, hardness, dampness, and color.

Timber is quite bulky to transport, needs treatment, and packing which is all taken care of by us. We offer a wide range and variety of beautiful exotic African Round Logs for sale worldwide. Our offer is based on sawn timber from sustainably managed forests and is ethically produced without affecting the environment. From the forest to sawmill, we assure work is done with customer specifications to give them full satisfaction.

We offer various types of Wood Logs for sale which are best of quality than the other woods and we provide customer satisfaction. Buy timber online and select the wood logs of your choice and customized it with us in different shapes and sizes. Contact us for more details!!