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Tanzania chilies refer to the red, yellow or green pod that adds flavor to meals and liven up the dishes. The main members of Tanzania chili pepper include Habanero, Cayenne and Bird’s Eye together with green chili. Most mature to a red color on the exterior when they ripen.

Chili peppers have been in use for the past 9500 years in the Americas. They were introduced in the East Coast of Africa in the 1500s A.D., via the Portuguese who visited India where the crop was and still is a common meal ingredient.
Using chilies in dishes adds a kick of spice to curries, sauces, soups, stew and give them a delectable taste. However, it does not just liven up a dish, eating a meal spiced with red chili pepper provides various benefits too.

Chilies provide the body with a daily value of Vitamin C followed by Vitamin B-6, and beta-carotene which improves eyesight Chilies also have anemia-preventing iron, bone-strengthening magnesium, and blood pressure-regulating potassium. Regardless of the intense heat of the pepper, it has a water content of about 88 grams.
We harvest our chilies when they are firm and just beginning to turn red and dry them in a traditional way by hanging them in a low-humidity, mildly hot environment. After drying, we sort our chilies based on size and pack them. We remove any pods that are soft, overripe or wrinkled apart from cases of pepper varieties that have natural wrinkles to offer you the best chilies.